To Whom Is God Faithful?

This is a thought, not well conceived, but in process. When God is faithful to us, is it as individuals or as a people, specifically Christians. God blessed Abraham to form a new nation that would be a blessing to the world, and God was faithful to Abraham on behalf of the world. Are we blessed just so we have goodness from God, or is God working through us to be a blessing so that our own personal well-being is secondary to that greater goal. Or are both realities the truth Is God only faithful to us individually to the point that it allows us to bless others.

I think it is both. We experience God’s blessing personally (how can we not?), but that blessing is to be used for the blessing of the world, both Christian and non-Christian. God’s generosity toward us is not just for ourselves, but is for the display of his love and faithfulness to the world.

And so everything good that comes our way, we can enjoy, but we should also look to how it could be used for the good of others. We are God’s conduits of faithfulness and love.

As an aside, been listening to John Mark Comer preach recently, and I have been listening to the book below on Audible. Allison and I enjoy him and find him edifying. Also, he has a cool Portland vibe! See below for a link to his church’s sermons as well as to the book.

2 thoughts on “To Whom Is God Faithful?

  1. Love this. Another way to look at it: God is (must be) faithful to Himself and His Word. What promises does His Word give to His people and the world? Thanks for the book and teaching rec!

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