Leaving Soon!


We leave on Monday for Kenya. Before then we have to move our household goods to storage, celebrate Christmas with two families, pack up around 18 checked bags plus a carry-on and a backpack for each of us. OUCH!  Packing up to go home from our other home is very weird. Sarah, who has never really gone to school in the US is always eager to get back to Kenya or Peru. Peter who loves his garden and projects, is also glad to go home. Annie loves people and experiences, and so while glad to go home, her feelings are mixed as she leaves the people and experiences she is having here. David loves living in the US and he loves having the freedom of a car and a license. He is less glad to go to back to Kenya, but he is looking forward to seeing some of his friends again. Allison loves teaching in person. She will be glad to be back in the classroom at RVA with her students face to face. I am glad to be going back as well. I look forward to seeing our residents and medical officers that we teach in the hospital. I look forward to good weather with long hikes to unwind. I like the medical missionary life!

Please pray for us in these last three stressful days of packing and saying goodbye. Please pray that we will do good work in Kenya. Please pray that we will all adjust well to life again back at our other home. Please pray for our finances as well. Thank you for reading and being a part of it all! God bless you this Christmas and in the New Year!

4 thoughts on “Leaving Soon!

  1. Praying all you request Will. So thankful for your heart for mission. So thankful God is equipping you all so well. Praying for your safety, your health and for you joy in serving and growing in Christlikeness. Blessings, Lee Anne Morris


  2. Hey! I would be happy to help you tomorrow with any errands or packing if you’d like the help! If not, safe travels and a blessed life upon your return to Kenya. You are in our prayers. xo Gabriella 214-394-5890



  3. I am still praying for you all and reading your posts. I’m stopping today to say thanks to you for your service and ministry and pray for a safe and healthy trip and new year! You are highly valued! Love Linda🤶🏻🎄♥️😺

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