Homeward Bound

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We’ll be flying to the States this Saturday! It has always been the plan to visit this summertime, but then there was the ‘rona, the needs of the hospital, the needs of the kids, the decision by RVA to not open school this fall, the failure to open the airports, cancelled flights, repatriation flights, and now we have one way tickets to Dallas. We plan to stay until the end of the year and possibly longer if the school here does not open in January.

Right now we are looking for a “special” place to quarantine when we arrive home. We have a house provided so kindly by First Baptist Church Richardson in which we can stay, but we are wondering if someone might have access to something different we could use or rent cheaply. We will be arriving in Dallas on Sunday, June 28th and then we will need to spend some time away from our family for 10-14 days until we make sure that we have not brought more than our luggage with us. Ideally, this would be a time for our family to enjoy scenery or activities that we cannot experience here. It would be fabulous to do a big road trip, but that is not advisable during this time. Do you have a friend who has a vacation house? We are willing to drive there. Do you have an idea of a place with a private pool? Our kids would very much enjoy just hanging out by the pool for hours. This quarantine time falls over July 4th weekend, so many places that we have checked out on Airbnb are already reserved. If you have an idea of a place that we could isolate or you know of someone who might loan or rent their place to us, would you let us know? Thanks ever so much!

3 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. thrilled for you all coming back here and will be praying for just the right place in these crazy times. Wow- adjustments all around for you all! Prayers for all going forward!

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