Not much to add . . .

All is well in Kijabe. Staffing is a bit tight in the hospital as the usual volunteers that make our lives a little easier have not come this time around. Even if they had wanted to, Kenya would not let them in. So we have fewer doctors to cover the hospital responsibilities, meaning time off is precious when you can get it. I am trying to make sure everyone takes a break before it possibly gets busy. We are in the middle of our second 21 day quarantine of Nairobi. For us in Kijabe, it does not change things much, except that we do not have access to Nairobi. However, food delivery is considered essential service, and so we can order groceries from Nairobi and have them delivered. The RVA cafeteria has connections with suppliers which allow us to get good fruits and vegetables. The German butcher still delivers, and so meat and sausage gives us the protein we need. Our local duka keeps us supplied with the cooking essentials, which can be interpreted as tortilla chips. Our houseworker brings milk, the cheese and butter comes from the local processor, and onions and potatoes are always available. Otherwise, we have lots of people come to the door. I sometimes feel like I am the main employer or customer for about a dozen local small-time businesses. I buy as much as I think is reasonable, and it is always “keep the change”. Slowly people we know are trickling home on emergency flights back to the US. It is weird to be left behind, even when you are choosing to stay. However, I think life is a bit better here compared to what I read is going on in the US. I do not think I would want to go back until things are open and society is functioning normally, and I guess in truth we do not really have much of a choice. And there is so much less panic here in Kijabe . . . how does anyone handle a 24 hour news cycle where bad news sells? With all of that, receive our blessing from Kijabe. God is good! Have a great Tuesday!

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