Have We Had it Already?

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MOdel United Nations

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This is a picture from the Model United Nations that David attended approximately two months ago. One week later he was out of commission with cough, fever, fatigue. He stayed in bed for two days, and then his cough lingered for about two weeks. Of course we knew about corona virus at the time, but there were no cases in Kenya that were confirmed. But at that MUN there were students from multiple countries in Africa and Europe. We know young people have minimal to almost no symptoms most of the time, so there could have been asymptomatic carriers. A few days after David recovered some, I felt bad, Sarah felt bad, and Peter had a worsening cough. I think it was likely just a viral bronchitis that David had, but sometimes I wonder if this infection has already made a first pass through Kenya when our infection numbers do not seem to be growing as fast as they should compared to other parts of the world. I would do an antibody test on our family if I could.

It is the weekend. Next week I cover the COVID virus ward, and I am looking forward to it except for all the clothing changes it requires! It is a good opportunity to show again this humbling photo!


The old woman!

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