April 2 and COVID-19

We are establishing our COVID teams in hospital. We have noticed a bit of stigma to having to working in the COVID wards. We also see undo fear regarding the disease among persons who should not have this fear. I want to remind everyone, and I do remind my interns that this is a disease that affects the old much more than the young. Those of us (I am including myself) who are younger should be willing to get out into positions that serve those who are ill. You could consider it our Christian duty. We may catch the disease despite our best intentions, but likely we will be asymptomatic or mildly sick. So I jokingly call the interns I work with the invincibles, while at the same time reminding them that they need to be careful, that they should wear their PPEs when taking care of COVID or suspected COVID patients, and that there are always some exceptions to the statistics. I personally have little fear of being mortally ill from COVID (while recognizing that I could still get sick), and I am looking forward to the chance to care for patients with corona virus. But currently I am away from the hospital on a few day break before it gets too busy.


Social distancing!

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