Kapsowar is Cool

I had the privilege of meeting with the McCurry family in Kapsowar. They are Christian Health Service Corps missionaries, and they have been her for years. It was a blessing to see them in their hospital, working hard to help meet the need of many. One of the best parts of my job is meeting with other missionaries. I have just started to make it happen here in Kenya. Hopefully I can get out to some of the nearby countries to visit our people in other places. It is always inspiring to see the good work that people are doing. You can check out the McCurry’s blog at https://mccurrysinmissions.wordpress.com/ Click on the pictures below to see them bigger.

Term 2 Done

The kids are excited for a little bit of a break. We do a trimester system at RVA; the kids and Allison get a month off in December, April, and August. The hospital does not allow me the same. 😦

Working on the Sophomore Class

Allison and I are sponsors for the sophomore class. We just finished Valentine’s Day sales in which we baked thousands (really) of baked goods. Now we move on to the Sophomore Class restaurant. This is all intended to teach the kids responsibility, give them some work training, and finally to earn some money for the Senior class trip, just a mere two years away!

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Sophomore class sponsor meeting

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Trainees Become Trainers

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Lecture time

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Watching the medical doctor interns we are training become the teachers is one of the pleasures of working the medical education setting at Kijabe Mission Hospital.