Travel to Chogoria Mission Hospital

I went to visit our other Christian Health Service Corps missionaries in Chogoria, Kenya this past weekend. The PCEA Chogoria Hospital is an old mission hospital where recently missionaries have begun working again. We have two missionary families working in this hospital. The Brockington family has been in Chogoria since 2017, and they are tasked with caring for the sick who come to the hospital as well as supporting the Family Medicine Residency. You can read their blog and story at The Doctors Brockington.

I also went to visit the Ryan Miller and Haley Combs, a newly married couple who has arrived to Chogoria. They are also with the Christian Health Service Corps. It was good to see their excitement in their new posting even as they deal with some challenges.

It is good to be able to visit our workers and get to know them and hopefully support them in the good work they are doing for the sake of the gospel in Kenya. I felt privileged to be there to show them that we care and that others care. They are not forgotten even though they are a long way from home. Thank you to all of you who support us and allow us to show love not only to our patients at Kijabe Mission Hospital and the students at Rift Valley Academy, but also to the missionaries serving with CHSC.

The Brockington family
Ryan and Haley in their tiny kitchen with no oven, one burner, and lots of heat!
Jared teaching on newborn nursery rounds
I was told these are giant Bird of Paradise plants. Wow!
Sometimes you can get a little stir crazy
One of the things that is culturally difficult for me to see in Kenya. So many kids go to boarding school. Even in grade school the children are sent off to live away from home. This is a girl’s boarding school for grade school children.
Proof I was there