Check out Rift Valley Academy on Facebook and Instagram

If you want to see some of what is going on at Rift Valley Academy, you can follow them on both Instagram on Facebook. These pages have recently become very active with photos and videos. We are very attached to this school. Allison is in the middle of her second year volunteering as a teacher. Last year she taught English to the Freshman, and this year she is teaching Spanish Level 3 and Level 4. She is also serving as the head of the International Language Department. Both of us are Sophomore class sponsors. For Allison this is more work than it is for me. She goes to class officer meetings every Friday at lunch. It is a good time for her to see David in his element, as he is serving as the Sophomore class Vice-Chairman (Vice-President). Then almost every weekend we have some class activity we have to attend and help with. Sometimes when I am tired from the week, I think what have we gotten ourselves into. But almost always it is fun to be there with all the students, watching them play games and joke with one another. We also like hanging out with the other sponsors. RVA has a lot going on. It is an important ministry of the church to the missionaries serving in remote and difficult parts of Africa. It is a blessing to the kids to go to a good school, and it is a blessing to the parents who know their kids are being well taken care of by all the missionaries who care for them here.

Here is the link for the Instagram page.

Here is the link for the Facebook page

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