Interim at RVA

Rift Valley Academy is not the perfect school, although it can look that way to an outsider. But even as an insider, knowing some of its flaws (like every school), I have to say it has some greatness in it. One of those great things are the “Interim” trips that the Junior and Senior classes take at the end of the second term. These trips have several purposes to include fun (probably the most important from the student’s perspective), education, ministry, and service. They travel all around East Africa from Egypt to Zanzibar. Some trips are rough camping trips, others are at the beach staying at hotels. They can range from a focus on extreme sports with rappelling, canyoning, white water rafting, and bungee jumping to exploring history and ruins in Ethiopia and Egypt. When they come back the students present their trip to the lower classes, and parents are invited to attend the presentations too. I think I want to go to the sailing Interim trip (if they would invite me!)


Every group said theirs was the best


Using the school library to present their trip.

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