A Very Little Baby – Caroline

This is the post about the abdominal pregnancy we delivered a week ago on the Friends of Kijabe website.

Caroline was twenty-eight weeks pregnant when she suffered a fall and began experiencing horrible abdominal pain.  An ultrasound looked very unusual, and she was recommended for emergency surgery.  It turns out, she had an abdominal pregnancy, meaning that her baby was growing outside the uterus and her accident ruptured the amniotic sac, pouring fluid into her abdomen. The baby was given to the pediatrics team to give surfactant and work whatever miracle possible.The most dangerous period for a premature baby is at 72-96 hours.  Six days, past this window, baby is doing well but still in a critical stage. The family faces a three month hospital stay and will need significant assistance with bills, likely $3000 between mother and child.

Give through Kindful  – please enter Caroline in the “additional details” form at checkout.

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