A Weather Report

From one of the science teachers at RVA.

So far in April we’ve had 7.85 inches of rain (average for April going back roughly 30 years is 8.10 inches). As of April 24, we have had rain every “day” except for 4 days. (our weather station counts a day as from midnight to 11:59 pm). Some of those days were 0.01 or slightly more (8 days with 0.1 inches or less). But today has been our first day since 11 April without any rain!

May tends to have less rain if that’s any consolation (average is 6.1 inches). But the El Nino year of 1998 (with 60+ inches!) had close to 20 inches in May.

So far for the year we are just over 22 inches (we got 24 in total ALL of last year) with the yearly average being just under 38 inches.

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