It Has Been Rainy

From an email sent to the RVA staff . . .

9.04 inches so far in March.

Almost 16 straight days with rain (March 8th I don’t have any), including 28th of Feb. with just 0.06 inches that day. Not much in a single day (nothing higher than 2 inches in a 24 hour period), but other areas in Kenya may have had bigger single rains.

To put 9 inches in perspective, rain data going back to 1986 (with a few gaps in between) shows an avg for March of just 3.89 inches. The most ever recorded was 9.70 inches in 2002 and we’re almost there already.

April tends to be the wetter of the 2 months, with an avg of 8.10 inches for all those years. In 2013, the year of the infamous Kijabe mudslides, we recorded 24 inches! 1997 had almost 21 inches and I believe the Mombasa highway was washed out that year…

This information is provided by Jeff Davis, David’s science teacher. If you are headed to Kijabe bring an umbrella!

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