Naivasha Medical Clinic

I like going to Naivasha every week. It is about one hour from Kijabe. I meet up at the hospital with others who are going, usually one family medicine resident and the ophthalmology team. We load into the Kijabe Hospital Land Cruiser ambulance for the commute to the lakeside town of Naivasha. While there I help with any scheduled Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.30.56 AMcesarean sections, round on the obstetric patients and newborn babies, answer questions from the medical officers working in the clinic, and if I have time do administrative work between cases or questions. The clinic is staffed by two doctors who did their medical officer intern year at Kijabe Hospital. A medical officer intern is equivalent to a physician in their first year of residency training in the United States. Most doctors in Kenya do not go straight to residency after their intern year, but will go on to practice in different areas of Kenya, usually rural. In those areas they will have to treat all types of advanced medical diseases, complicated obstetric cases, minor surgical cases, as well as be responsible for the administrative concerns of the clinic in which they find themselves working. It is a big job, and there is hardly anything going on in the United States that is equivalent. After a few years in these settings many go on to do a residency training program. In the United States our intern year is now combined with our residency programs, and very few doctors practice after just one year of post-medical school training. In many ways we are in a very different medical world.

AIC Kijabe Naivasha Medical Clinic

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My hardcore hospital transportation to Naivasha

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Another cutie in Naivasha!

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I am working with a tall doctor today!

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