Senior Store

At Rift Valley Academy there are special weekends when the crowds swell with parents of boarding students visiting their kids and rival schools invading to compete in sporting events. On these weekends we have the awesome “Senior Store”. Senior Store is awesome because it starts with donuts delivered to your house on Friday evening. The Seniors are selling the donuts to raise money for their senior trip. Then during the Saturday festivities the Seniors sell breakfast and lunch to earn more money. The campus is full of people watching basketball or soccer or rugby.  Local women come and sell their handicrafts, and we all load up on future birthday presents for friends and family. It is not quite a fair, but it sort of feels like one. You see your friends, you shake hands and give hugs. You get to laugh, eat in the shade, and cheer on the home team. This happens about 3 times a term. I hope my kids know how sweet it is!


Local sellers


Soccer on the upper field


Sarah shows her school pride

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