Naivasha Clinic

I spent Tuesday about one hour from Kijabe Mission Hospital at the Naivasha Medical Clinic branch of Kijabe Mission Hospital. I am so impressed by the doctor there. I met Dr. Lilian who gave me a brief tour of the clinic . She is a medical officer who did her internship at Kijabe Mission Hospital. She is equivalent to a physician in the United States who has just completed their intern year of residency. She is managing the clinic, delivering babies, doing cesarean sections, managing sick newborns including getting all of their IV lines inserted (super hard for me to do). She will do post deliver tubal ligations and emergency room stabilization . . . she does a lot for a person with only one year of post medical school training. It was great to talk to her and about her plans for the future. I was also impressed by the impact of the AIDS epidemic on Kenya while helping out at the clinic. At Kijabe Hospital the HIV patients are managed in a clinic which is separate from the hospital, and I do not work in that department. However at Naivasha, they are treated within the main clinic building, so I was able to see the emphasis on treatment and control of this disease. Dr. Lilian felt like 1 out of every 3 patients is HIV positive in the clinic. I hope that we can show compassionate care to all these men and women who have to deal with the repercussions of the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

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