Every day of the week all year long we go to see our patients who are admitted to the hospital for whatever reason. While I am on the obstetric service, I am visiting with women who are going to have their baby, who have had their baby, or are in the process of having a baby. Sometimes you are dealing with someone who has had a problem with their pregnancy and is in the process of a miscarriage or other sad outcome. And while being on labor and delivery means most of our outcomes are happy, there are times when we rely on the expertise of our pediatric colleagues to make those outcomes turn out right. Below in the picture one of our pediatric missionary consultants talks to a patients family about some treatments that are necessary for their new child. I am so grateful for all the doctors I work with here. Their service and sacrifice are a great testimony to their motivation that is rooted in their faith. And faith is what carries us through it all. I find myself praying frequently as I am waiting to do a cesarean section or while I am caring for a complicated patient on the wards, trusting God to guide my hands and guide my decision making as I try and show these wonderful patients how God loves them.


Dr. Ariana Shirk counseling patients

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