Prayer Requests

Prayer Request
We ask that you would pray that our family would find peace, security, and a sense of stability after a year of significant transition. We especially ask this on behalf of our children. Not everything is easy, and we can be susceptible to worrying. But we know that God’s purposes are for good! Please pray for us.
Financial Need
We have some big purchases in the future. We are very hopeful to buy a car, and we are going to be attending the Christian Medical and Dental Association meetings, which will be combined with the Christian Health Service Corps meetings, in March. Obviously, buying a car is expensive, and traveling to the meetings has its own extra costs for a family of six. We are still underfunded for what we hope our monthly salary to be. We lost some support when we left Peru, and so we have found ourselves short financially. So if you are interested in supporting us, know someone who might be interested in what God is doing in Africa, or if you might consider increasing your monthly support a little bit, we would be so thankful. Just click the link below.

Click Here To Donate

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