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The seeds of good deeds become a tree of life.

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I think when there are times of stress and possibly discouragement, the blog updates become less frequent. This month has been a challenge as Allison has started working full-time at the school, Will has been taking Swahili classes (getting his mind blown daily), and the kids have started adjusting to new classes. In the mix of that is trying to make some changes to the house, learning to how to keep the family fed in a new environment, and going a little stir crazy without a car. It is during these times when we remind ourselves that these challenges will pass, that it will all become somewhat comfortable, and we will know who we are here as we know who we are in Peru and in the USA. And I am thankful that we are able to be here to do good work that is not always easy, not always fulfilling, but always helpful and good. Please pray for our family that we will each make a good friend, especially the kids, but also Will and Allison. And please pray that we can learn to live in our new place with joy. Also pray that we will learn what it is and how it is to serve God in this new mission.

4 thoughts on “Short Update

  1. I have missed seeing entries on the blog, but I fully understand that it is difficult now, with all that must be attended to. People here are praying for you, asking about you, and I tell you that just so you will know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers. We can wait for you to adjust. I love you!


  2. I’m the same way with updating my blog; when life is stressful, I tend to draw away from writing posts, and only come back when I’m feeling better! Praying for you and your family 🙂 ❤


  3. I read your post tonight and am stopping to pray for all of you. Just wanted you to know that you bring joy, amazement and gratitude to me. I am so appreciative that you are standing in the gap for others and stand for the kingdom. I can’t imagine what your family has gone through as you have literally been on three different continents. But you are inspirational to people like me who have never had the courage to move beyond my neighborhood. Jim and I have lived in seven different homes but all in the DFW area. We have served God but never in a different culture. We are amazed that an American doctor and educator are halfway around the world serving God. Please know that you are loved, you are working your purpose, and things will get easier. I am specifically praying for everyone of you to experience joy this month of October and to experience a new friend or acquaintance to encourage you individually and collectively as a family. Hang in there! Stay faithful and stay the course. Look for joy, it is coming! Love to all Linda Sent from my iPhone



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