This is us.


Go, begonias, go!

We have a super friendly garden guy named Isaac. As soon as he met us, he asked for permission to tear out a lot of the old growth on our property and plant some “contrast,” as he calls it, plants instead of bushes. He brought cuttings from different people’s yards and planted the most scraggly bits of plant all over. It looks pathetic. He has been faithfully watering, though, and some are starting to take root.

Friday morning I was walking to school and mildly shaking my head at the puny struggling plants when I realized, “This is us.” We just need time and we are going to be beautiful, flourishing, joy-giving. Right now we’ve been transplanted. God, like Isaac, has given us manure—not literally, but challenges, joys, new friends, His Holy Spirit, trials—in order to help us grow. He has faith that we will be lovely one day. Isaac says, “Just wait and see.”

But right now we feel a bit pathetic. We look like we are on our way through death to life. A passerby might see something a bit wilty.



When your stem is dead, grow out of the side


Some are thriving, some not so much, but they live in the same garden/ house.


Some of us are growing fine right alongside someone who needs a bit more time in order to flourish.

21622108_10212078019340100_1758972801_n (1)

Your family is beautiful!

We meet people who have been here several years and they have lovely flowers, their family looks like it was meant to be planted right here, growing together. What is their secret? Mostly just more time. They are not as new a transplant as we are.

Please pray for quick-growing roots, for just the right fertilizer for each Caire, for God’s pruning and for patience until we sprout some new leaves.


4 thoughts on “This is us.

  1. Such a beautiful and poignant analogy! Praying for deep roots and plenty of water and Son for each of the Caires ❤️ We love and miss you but know that God will make all things beautiful in you in His time.

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  2. I was reading something from Elizabeth Elliot this morning about seeing our limitations as gifts….that in that very limitation there is the call to glorify God. What a sweet illustration of that is your post! Even as you feel like a ‘puny begonia,’ you are declaring your trust in God, your need for His work in you, and your willingness to wait for that work to be done. That glorifies God indeed, and encourages us all in our own limitations! Blessings on all you dear ones!

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  3. Thank you for your post. I need your perspective. Of course, I want everything beautiful and my way, right now! But it’s in the struggle of taking root that God does his most beautiful long-term work. I appreciate the reminder!!

    Love to all.



  4. As a gardener I can so relate to this analogy . I am praying for your family “garden” right now. Love to all. Literally, hang those roots in there! Linda

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