Things that are Different

  1. Everyone is outside all of the time. Peter loves video games and his personal electronic devices. But now he spends more time working on his blow dart gun and sharpening his throwing knife than watching YouTube videos.
  2. David was out until 10:30 last night with some of his new 9th grade friends. They were unsupervised roaming through the Rift Valley Academy and Kijabe Hospital Mission station grounds. Today they may go on a hike together. Earlier this week, Annie was out until 9 with her 6th grade friends doing the same. It is dark here at 6 PM. So the kids have a lot of freedom to discover their own fun.
  3. Elections are a big deal in Kenya, and everyone is nervous about violence. Until the election is settled, no one will feel very peaceful. Please pray for Kenya.
  4. It is cold at night and in the early morning which means every night I build a fire in the fireplace so that it is ready to go and easily lit in the morning to warm the house. Unfortunately my fire building skills are a bit rusty, and sometimes it takes a few tries.
  5. There are so many animals. We have monkeys, baboons, and lots of beautiful birds around us all the time.
  6. There is no fast food or easy food, which means we are all moving down a pant size after just one week. Yeah for Africa! 🙂
  7. Learning to live at 7500 feet means being willing to be short of breath . . . a lot!
  8. Kids love having a dog.

We are doing well. God bless you, and pray for us as we continue to learn about our new home.

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Everyday to warm the house.

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4 thoughts on “Things that are Different

  1. Oh sweet friends!! We love you so much, and we love every bit of news from you!!! What a fascinating picture of your first week. Thank you for giving us so much material for prayer!!


  2. Thank you for sharing a bit of the world with us! I am so thankful for the way the Lord gives you eyes to see the blessings wherever you are. I know there are hard things too! I pray He comforts you through them as well!


  3. Thanks for update. It actually sounds wonderful to have a fire in the fireplace so often. I am stopping to pray for all of you and thank God for new friends. Linda

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  4. Interesting information! It will be good when you completely adjust to the altitude and the time change – just in time for school to start and your job, too. I have only picked up a little news here about the election, so I hope that is a good thing.


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