Scenes While Walking in the Morning

I was telling Allison that we live in the best type of neighborhood. Every house has the same basic “L” shape which is weird and charming in a way. If I get up and walk in the morning I see the old people enjoying the relative coolness on their front porches, smoking cigarettes and just watching the people pass. They all wave. I can go around a corner and someone has a yard full of lawn decorations or lots of potted planted that bring them pleasure. There is no HOA to stop them from enjoying themselves with their own style. No one is super poor. No one appears very rich. Everyone is very common in the very best way. We have people from Mexico, African Americans, Asians, and white Americans living together looking for the American dream as best it exists. I am so thankful to First Baptist Church Richardson that let us rent this house for the past 7 months. It was the greatest of blessings to us!

We leave for Africa tomorrow! We will let you know how it is on the other side of the world in a few days.


I remember when they used to try and make minivans look like custom vans. I drove one of them to my Senior prom with 5 good friends. Forget the Limo. Go in a custom mini van!


Clearly this person loves to grow plants!

2 thoughts on “Scenes While Walking in the Morning

  1. Our van was like that and the neighborhood kids used it for prom instead of a limo-they loved it. Prayers as you all go -always! J and L


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