God provides again

For the past few weeks I have been telling anyone who would listen about how God gave us a house and furniture in Kijabe within a week of the email confirming our decision to go. We had been dreading moving into an unfurnished apartment then waiting on a house to open up, maybe even moving twice before settling into a “permanent” home. We know, too, from Peru, how tiring it is to run around to stores you’ve never been in, in an unfamiliar culture, trying to buy everything you need for your house. And you have to do it right away. Not fun.

But, God graciously provided a home on station where the Cook family is living now. It has been a joy to get to know them and a huge help to receive their honest words of wisdom about living in Kijabe. They are going to sell us all their household goods, including a Kitchen Aid mixer, a big yellow lab to keep the monkeys away, all the apparatus necessary for working the brick pizza oven, and eight hens.

Will had the Cooks’ blog up the other night on this page: 10 on the 10th, Sweet Home (click the link to see pictures!) and I was struck by the similarity of their story. Since Kijabe is an old mission station, it is wonderful to imagine all the people who have lived in Flamingo House. (It seems like all the houses have bird names?) Missionaries who have gone through culture shock in this house, who have poured out their lives for the suffering, who have rejoiced in a sunrise, who have enjoyed meals together, who have discovered something real about God and about themselves, who have danced and worshiped and experienced victory. Pretty amazing.

3 thoughts on “God provides again

  1. God is so good! We are so thrilled for you all! What a lovely place! It is always amazing that not only the big things but the small things count in His eyes and He loves to give good gifts!


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