Board Certification


Today is the day for my family medicine board certification exam. I was actually certified in 2000, re-certified in 2007, and now I am taking my third certification test. I probably have two more in front of me over the next twenty years. I have a full day of testing in front of me. I feel ready, but nobody really likes taking important tests. They were a lot easier when I was a kid who didn’t really care about the results. I don’t remember having any concerns about taking my SAT or ACT. The MCAT I pondered a bit more, but I was to undisciplined to really study for it. I am looking forward to putting the test behind me and refocusing my attention toward the future in Africa.

3 thoughts on “Board Certification

  1. I will say a little prayer for you and I think you will do fine. Think about you everyday and enjoyed the short visit we hadLove ya


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