Below are some good quotes about communal living in a counter cultural way from the article The Idea of a Christian Village by Rod Dreher from Christianity Today Magazine. And while I found them helpful, I was thinking about how sometimes it is hard to find people to live communally with you. You cannot do it by yourself! But one thing you can do is commit to being community toward other people. For some that is easy as they extend friendship easily. For others of us it is harder either due to being introverts or to our social laziness. But the commitment should be for us to involve ourselves in the lives (in the best way) of our fellow Christians, walking out our faith and our struggles with one another.

Traditional, historic Christianity—whether Catholic, Protestant, or Eastern Orthodox—ought to be a powerful counterforce to the radical individualism and secularism of modernity.

We seemed content to be the chaplaincy to a consumerist culture that was fast losing a sense of what it meant to be Christian.

There’s something weird when none of the communal parts of your life are overtly Christian.

. . . you may visit your house of worship only once a week, but what happens there in worship, and the community and the culture it creates, must be the things around which you order the rest of the week.

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