This is What is Up

I love life in the United States, but it often feels less interesting and harder to blog about. The following is what is up. We have spent several days getting the kids enrolled in school and they will all start next week. They are looking forward to it, and Allison and I are interested in seeing how they adjust to an American school setting again. Sarah has never gone to imgres-3school in the US. Annie went to kindergarten and Peter up to first grade. David has had the most experience in the US, attending school up until the third grade. I attended a Basic Life Support class yesterday, and I will soon be taking Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support classes. In the middle of February I will take an Advanced Trauma Life Support class, and at the end of the month I will be attending a medical board exam review course as I prepare to sit for my exams again in April. I am going to try and do some part-time work in a few clinics and ERs, and I am currently working through those applications. Allison may do some substitute teaching as well. We are still praying about the future, and with that in mind I will have a few permanent job interviews in the upcoming weeks as we weight staying in the United States against continuing in missions at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya. I feel like God has given us many good options, and we are trusting him to lead us in our decision. Fortunately, it does not feel like there is a mistake to be made, and that is a blessing. Please pray with us as we consider where God would place us, and please pray for our kids as they start school in the upcoming week.

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