In 2013 our friend Lana Wisenbaker wrote us this note. It encourages us today in our time of transition. I have copied part of her letter with her permission.

I was particularly affected by your recent post, Will, on whether there was a harder field of mission you should be going to. I thought about that quite a bit, because to some degree every believer wrestles with that. As you said, the essential point is where God has called you; I guess the problem is often that we don’t trust this selfish flesh to hear Him. That’s why it is such a blessing that God is so faithful! He will keep calling to any heart that is seeking Him until we’re in the right place. I know how much you have prayed about your service in the kingdom – and many others have prayed for you – so I hope you have continuing peace about the “rightness” of Peru. Perhaps there is a change in the future for which He is stirring you now, but our gracious Father will make it plain. I have always treasured a remark made by Mother Teresa; when asked by a skeptical reporter what difference she could possibly make in a world of so much pain and death, she replied “God did not call me to be successful, He called me to be obedient.” I love the strength and faith in that remark! And of course the miracle is that God does incredible things with our obedience! Isn’t that amazing that He lets us be a part of that?

It is amazing and we rest well in his faithfulness.

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