New Year Needs

Many of you know we are coming home in just under two weeks. We will be in Dallas for several months while Will works on maintaining his continuing medical education requirements as well as takes his family medicine board recertification exam. During this time we will be putting the kids in school. They are actually very interested in going to school in the US, and they wonder how they will stack up! This is a stressful time for our family, and although we persist by the power of the Holy Spirit in faith, trust, hope, and joy it is a bit more of a battle during times like these. We know God is in control, and we turn our minds to this thought over and over again.

We do have some needs as we come back that we would like to share.

  1. A car to use for several months that will fit six people.
  2. A place in which to live. If  you know a church that rents a house to missionary families that is already furnished, that would be ideal.
  3. Depending on the house or apartment, possibly some furniture we could borrow for several months.

Thank you for your help and continued interest in our family. Please pray that these main needs will be met. We look forward to seeing you soon!

4 thoughts on “New Year Needs

  1. Hi Will and Allison! So glad you are coming back for a season! Will be wonderful to see you! Am going to send this out to some BSF friends with your needs. I know the Lord has gone before you to provide but it’s the waiting on Him! See you soon!

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  2. We can probably Help with some furniture. Just let us know when u know what you need. Praying for your return and especially for your children.

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