This was something that was not a big part of my experience before Peru, but now it is. I am not talking about personnel experience, but what I see in the street. Curahuasi is a depressed community in one of the poorest parts of Peru. There is a lot of hopelessness. That is why we are here . . . to bring hope to the hopeless. Still there are those who have not yet heard or refuse to hear. And I see these guys every evening as I ride my bike home from the hospital or as I drive through town. They come staggering out of the corner bars or chicherias and then wobble up and down the hills to their homes. There are so many staggering drunks. Today as I went down to the internet cafe to print some papers off my USB, I passed by six isolated men staggering through the street. That was in less than four blocks. It is really sad. Drinking in the US is more hidden. Here it is in the open. I hope and pray that my kids are never tempted to drink heavily. They are certainly able to see the ill affects of drunkenness. They are very wary, for good reason, of the drunk men who can be unpredictably violent. As the kids go through town on their bikes, they always make sure to steer clear. And yet, we have seen some victories. In our church we have a man who was a drunk, and through the power of a changed life by the Holy Spirit he is now sober and a testimony to the faithfulness of God. I praise God for him and for the gift of changed lives that we can have through Jesus Christ.

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