Grocery Shopping


This is our kind of Santa!

There are reasons we buy this many bags of chips at a time. First, we can only get them when we go to Cuzco which is about every six weeks. On our Cuzco trips we get cash and food. There are no ATM machines in Curahuasi, and the mercado is lacking in some of our favorite products. (We also eat at restaurants when we are in Cuzco. We never eat out of the house when we are in Curahuasi. For this reason Allison is especially appreciative of our Cuzco trips.) The next reason we have such a big bag full of chips is because you never know when they will quit selling what you like. We like tortilla chips. Sometimes the store has them, sometimes it doesn’t. We are from Texas and we need tortilla chips. By themselves they comprise one of our most important food groups. We went almost two years here without any access to tortilla chips. So when you see them you buy them. We like Fritos too. We can hardly ever find them plain. They are always spicy. Yesterday was a good day. I bought 10 bags of tortilla chips, and cleaned the shelves of their fritos (called Tor-tees here). And on Sarah’s face you can see how pleased we are with this successful shopping trip!

On the other hand, we did not make the following purchase . . .


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