5th Grade Sleepover

Annie’s class is blessed with a super committed Christian teacher.  David is creative, active, inclusive, and energetic. He loves training his class to do dramas.  He has been the catalyst for a complete 180 degree turn in both Annie and Peter’s attitudes towards math–now it is their favorite subject.  He has invited his students to ultimate frisbee nights, where they share a devotional every week; a one-year discipleship course; and their moms to his wife’s Bible study group. Some of our regular blog readers will remember a little boy Dany who was missing. David was tireless in searching for him.  There was another kid in Annie’s class who needed lots of love and discipline.  David attempted so many creative approaches to help him stay in school and succeed socially.  I think he could write a book on strategies to reach the seemingly unreachable.  It is a daily blessing that our kids get to sit under his tutelage.

Profe David decided that their class needed some bonding time, so he planned a sleepover. But this wasn’t a sleepover like you’d imagine, with pizza and Coke and giggling over secrets shared from sleeping bags.  During the school day, Annie’s class visited three schools and shared the gospel through dramas and wordless books (colors that tell the major points of the good news).  In the afternoon, they went on a treasure hunt with the Scouts-type club we have at school followed by stations of games/ values teaching.  After a cookout dinner, they had a devotional and the director shared the gospel with them. In the morning, they ran and prayed, then played interactive games with their parents.  David had the parents divide up in groups to plan the meals, so we got to know one another a bit better as well.  I had the privilege of taking a group of kids in the car while they shared their dramas.  Visiting public schools in the area was eye opening.  Watching the kids share God’s story gave me goosebumps.  Seeing their confidence was inspirational. We love you, Profesor David! (Click the pictures below to see them larger.)

1 thought on “5th Grade Sleepover

  1. Allison your family has truly blessed us and inspired us! Thank you for helping us feel so at home in Curahuasi! Please come to Florida and stay with us soon! Grace mailed Annie a letter~ hopefully you will receive it…


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