Sarah with Friends


Sarah as the youngest in our family sometimes gets to do the least. For sure her life is full in some ways. She lives in a foreign country. Speaks two languages without an accent. She is free (within reason) to explore town on her bicycle on her own. When we talk about possibly coming home to the US, she is the one child in the family who adamantly wants to keep living internationally. She says she likes waking up in her bed in the morning knowing she is living in a foreign country. However with all of that, the rest of the kids get to do a lot of extra activities that she does not get to do because of her age. So it did my heart good to come home from work on Thursday and see the backyard full of her friends from school. They have to perform a play for a future school event and Sarah was put in charge. So she wrote the play and drafted her actors. They were over to practice. Sarah is one of the “policia” for her class, which means she is a “boss”. She seems to take to it naturally, guiding the afternoon’s activities with a fair but firm hand. She told all her friends they could have a tour of the inside of the house. “Put your hand on the shoulder of the person in front of you, and we will walk through the house.” Future world, international leader in training. I am a happy Dad seeing a house full of happy eight year old girls!

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