Village Life

I was directed to the following blog. In Peru we live in a developing nation. Lima would be developed, the jungles and sierras are undeveloped, and other places are somewhere in between. So not everything in the article is directly applicable to Peru, but I find much of what is written to be true of where we are living. In the article the author is trying to share what he believes to be the truth of village life. In the beginning he speaks about the idea of “it takes a village” to raise a child. His findings are pretty consistent with my own, and the truth is that it is better if parents raise a child. It is just one of his insights. Click the paragraph below to go to the full article on the blog Hare Translation Journey.

For various reasons throughout my life I have heard people talking about the virtues of “village life.” I generally do not say much on these subjects, as they tend to be a bit touchy, and to be honest, I did not have a lot to say. However, I realized that after living for a while in an African village, I can offer some facts regarding village life that most people would not know. My goal is not confrontation in this blog, but just information. As you are making decisions regarding your family, raising your kids, and how you counsel others, I hope you will find this information helpful. . . .

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