Prayer Request

We have had a great guy, Herman, volunteer with us a Diospi Suyana Hospital several times. He is an anesthesiologist from Germany, and he comes during his vacation to give relief to our long term anesthesiologists so that they can have a break. He is a big guy, with a ready smile, and lots of good medical insight. Last night while climbing one of our local hills, he had a major heart attack. He was stabilized over the night and received medicine to dissolve the clot. He could not be taken out last night as helicopters cannot fly through the mountains at night, and so this morning he was taken by the Diospi Suyana ambulance to Cuzco and flown to Lima. His status improved as he was cared for overnight in the intensive care unit, and his electronic cardiac tracing had normalized by the time he left the hospital this morning. We are so thankful for that, but please pray for the doctors in Lima who will care for him, and please pray for comfort for his wife who is far away in Germany.

3 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. Praying for God’s hand and guidance to the doctors as they care for His child and disciple…. He will deliver as it sounds like Herman’s work is not done! Amen


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