The Widow

She came with 70 soles in her bolsa with her nieta at her side. She is a widow and her daughter and son-in-law died in an accident leaving her as the only one to care for this young child. She hurts all over, but she does not really have a disease I can name. Maybe I would call it depression if I had to give it one. These patients are the hardest, because there is nothing I can do. They come with hopes that we can cure them, but we cannot. Some calmantes were offered with a treatment for parasites and our prayers which frankly at this moment feel a little powerless. I don’t believe they are, but that is how it can sometimes feel in the spiritual world in which we live. Please God, be with her as she travels the 12 hours back home. Give her and her granddaughter all that they need each day. Please take care of your people.

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