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Parking lot.

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Its not as if there are no cars in Curahuasi. But most people do not have them, and they get around by walking, riding bikes, or taking motor taxis. Most of the bikes are pretty run down and many years old. The bike in the foreground above is one of the doctors bikes, and it has moved from missionary doctor to missionary doctor over the years. It looks terribly heavy to me, but I have never ridden it. Riding a bike in Curahuasi is either all thrill as you head downhill, or all suffering as you head uphill. I get plenty of exercise riding to and from work. I actually ride uphill both ways. It is a good way to drop some pounds. Sometimes I say living in Curahuasi is like going to fat camp. When I arrive here, the weight starts dropping. Between living at altitude, the change in diet, frequent bouts of diarrhea and vomiting, and increased exercise the pounds just seem to fall away. Another good reason for a C-town visit.


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