Before and After


This old man came in telling me that he had a tumor growing for 7 months in his abdomen. Over the past 1-2 months he had started to swell in his legs. He was feeling bad, and always had a little bit of urine incontinence. When I laid him down to examine him I found this in his lower abdomen. It looked like a tumor, but it felt like a big, swollen, bladder. I quickly did an ultrasound and it was indeed the bladder. That is a big bladder in the picture above. On further evaluation the patient was found to have kidney failure and severe anemia. This is all caused by a prostate so swollen that it causes obstruction of the urethra so that a person cannot urinate. We see big prostates often, but not with this many complications. We placed a urinary catheter into the bladder and the patient was relieved of a couple liters of urine. Here is the after picture.

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