Taking a Break

Because of some unexpected delays, I did not make it out of Lima at 4 AM as expected yesterda, so I took a break in Nazca. I drove over the Nazca lines again, so now I have seen them twice in a little over a week without really viewing them since you can just barely experience them without an airplane. I am ready to be home!

Just over the mountains pictured below lies a fertile valley that has been inhabited for thousands of years. The coast of Peru is a super dry desert broken up by green fertile valleys fed by rivers coming down from the mountains. Behind the mountains in the picture below lies a green crescent river valley, then you go over another group of mountains and speed over the desert again until you reach the next fertile band. It is in this next stretch of desert that you find the Nazca lines, and in the green river valley on the far side of the desert sits the city of Nazca from where this ancient desert-line-drawing-civilization sprang.

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