The Paternal Love of God

IMG_8601 (1)

Is there anyone who does not fall in love with their kids every day. I mean I know there are exceptions because we are not perfect, our kids are not perfect, and the world is not perfect. But in general, as a parent, you fall for your kids on a daily basis. You spend hours thinking about them, wondering about them, worrying about them, hoping for them. And then you look at all your pictures of them and you cannot even throw the terrible ones away until you are left with 30,000 pictures of your kids taking up space on your hard drive.

I do not want to equate myself with God in anyway, nor do I think I can really understand this. But God describes himself to us as our Father among other things. How can it be that he would consider himself as a father to us, and that we could look at him that way? But I know how I feel about my kids, and I realize that I underestimate frequently God’s affection and interest in us. How he does it for 6 billion people is a mystery, but he does. He has paternal interest and love in each of us! That should make us feel good and special; it should give us confidence. There is no one who wants better for someone than that person’s parents. And God, in his paternal love, wants our best. I am glad we have a heavenly father in whom we can trust.

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