During the kids vacation break, besides driving to Lima for paperwork we did a hike to Choquequirao which is an Incan ruin near where we live. To get there you drive 1 1/2 hours from Curahuasi to the the trailhead and then it is a 3o mile hike (15 miles in each direction) with a gain of 17,000 feet in elevation to reach the ruin. We did it in 4 days, and I was successful in uniting my family in their temporary dislike of me and my ideas. I have to say they all did well, and I am glad (and maybe they are) that we did it. The hike is impressive for the views, and possibly more impressive for the difficulty. Day 2 was hours and hours of uphill hiking without end. Like going up stairs. Day 3 we reached the ruins, and then backtracked all the way to the campsite from the first night of the hike. We met our step count for that day! On day four we hiked out to the trailhead, were blessed to see some condors, and then even more blessed to sleep in our beds with hot showers!

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