I Am Approved

I now have my stamp stating that my paperwork will be under review for licensing in Peru. That means I can get back to work as a doctor in the hospital. So when I get my car out of the shop here in Lima where it is receiving some needed maintenance, I will head home. I am glad to be able to help again, as I feel responsible to my coworkers at the hospital, to my supporters back in the US, and to the patients who so greatly need medical care. God has been with us as we have had a little more flexibility in the schedule over the past month, and I have been able to pray and think more about the future. We feel like God is leading us even as many frustrations come in front of us. It is a good place to be, in the hands of our God.

Here are some pictures I took as we made the 16 hour drive to Lima. We divided it over a few days and saw a few sights along the way. We literally drove right over the Nazca lines and climbed the tower to see them a bit better. We did not take the plane to better see the lines because we were told it would end up being a vomit party. We stopped at Huacachina to enjoy a real desert oasis setting where we let the kids sandboard. We ended in Lima where we ate at good restaurants, enjoyed the cool winter weather, presented our documents, and where I was able to attend a growing church full of life and enthusiasm.

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