The Past Few Days

I am taking advantage of not doing direct patient care in the hospital to know Curahuasi and some of the work being done here a bit better. On Monday I did an outreach with the Heath family who are local missionaries from the US who do evangelism and compassion ministries in town. I had been interested in what they were doing, it was a real pleasure to go with them and participate in their ministries. The work in San Cristobal is a kid’s outreach where they do a Bible story, a craft, work on scripture memorization, and basically show love to the kids. On Tuesday I went with them to a school that is a bit outside of town where they come and teach the Bible each week. Again they do a Bible story, a craft, give them homework in scripture memorization, and then a bit of instruction in good health. I went with our church’s pastor to do visits in the homes of some of the Curahuasinos who are interested in knowing more about the Bible. I was also able to work on a protocol for diabetes and for heparin infusion so that we can standardize our treatment in the hospital. Last but definitely note least, I am helping Allison make the bread for all the missionaries in town. Click on the pictures below to make them bigger.

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