A couple days ago I wrote a blog post about problems with my medical license. I want to be sure people know that I am not discouraged or even frustrated. I am looking forward to having this time to know Curahuasi better. I have a funny relationship with this town. I have hardly been here without working, and so my experience with the people is such that I see them when they are sick and desperate, but hardly ever when they are in their normal environment. In a sense I see them at their worst. Now I can go with our pastor to visit people in their homes, see better some of the evangelistic work that Diospi Suyana is doing in the community, and work on some standardized medical protocols that I have been thinking would be helpful. None of those things would have been possible without this break. I can see Curahuasi in a different way and get to know the people in a different way. So I see God’s hand in this, and I am thankful for the opportunity.

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