Project Week

We just finished project week at the school. During project week the kids divide into different groups away from their normal classes and focus on something special in multi-grade level groups. This year Annie was in a group focused on Cultures of the World. Peter and David were in a group studying Cajamarca. Sarah studied Apurimac. The kids focus on these areas for the entire week, build displays that show what they have learned, and then memorize lots of facts so that at the end of the week they can make presentations in the evening over what they have learned. This has occurred every year since the school started, and this year was the best so far. This week coincides with the anniversary of the school, and after the presentations there is a musical starring several students. On Sunday the entire school and the parents march in the plaza to show their school pride. Marching is an interesting part of our Peruvian culture. When you march in Peru you kick high like you can imagine the Nazi’s doing it in the past. It feels weird and sort of angry because of that association, but here it is very important. So the kids march with the school and Allison and I march, kicking high, with all of the parents.

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La chica de Apurimac

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