A Visit from the US


Jordan Kauffman with his students on Capitan Rumi

We spent the last 4 days hosting a bunch of lively girls from Allen, TX. They had come to Peru on an educational trip, and then added four extra days to come visit us in Curahuasi. It fell at a crazy time as we were not getting water in our house so we took them to the hospital for showers and made sure we had buckets of water around for filling up toilets. I (Will) got so sick I thought I was going to die. I told Allison that if I got delirious that she should take me to the hospital so they could rule out meningitis. Allison ran the show by herself for almost the whole time they were here while I stayed in our room and made brief appearances to be polite. Our girls loved having a bunch of friendly and excited teenage girls around, and I think it was awesome for them to see these energetic American high schoolers. While the students were here they did an art exchange with the students at the colegio which as very well attended. Jordan Kauffman is their teacher / advisor and he seems to us like the perfect high school teacher. We knew him from North Highlands Bible Church in Dallas. Before he and his students came we were at a bit of a low point having been 3 weeks without water in the house, and we said to each other “We are getting ready to be encouraged, because Jordan is going to come and he is going to be super enthusiastic with a bunch of enthusiastic teenagers!” We were not disappointed. And now Allison gets to rest.

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