The Summer of No Water

There is a state of emergency in Curahuasi and Apurimac because there was not much rain during the rainy season.  The farmers’ crops have failed, because they do not have enough water to keep their crops alive. And now there is not enough water for the city. We run out of water every week in our house. Last year we were without water just a few times. And we are only one month into the dry season. The problem really is not a lack of water. A water development expert who has spent his entire career working in poor nations and communities, helping them with their water supply, has come to Curahuasi.  He states there is plenty of water, but it has to be managed better. For some reason there is no political will to accomplish this. So therefore, even when we have enough water, we only get it for one hour each day. We fill our tank that holds 1000 liters, and then closely watch how we use it the rest of the day. Unfortunately, now there is not that much water passing through the city pipes, and so there is not enough pressure to fill our tank. So that leaves us with one hour of water, and maybe 200-300 liters in the tank. Bummer! But that is not as bad as having all your income falter because the crops failed. We need help in Curahuasi. We need community leadership that will build an adequate irrigation system for the farmers and a sufficient water storage system for the people in town. We need leaders who will use the resources of the community for the good of the community.

2 thoughts on “The Summer of No Water

  1. This morning we had storms and our electricity was out for maybe an hour. It made me realize how very spoiled we are! We expect the lights to come on, our tea water to boil, our computers for work to work… And when it doesn’t we are reminded of the Lord’s great mercy in our lives! I pray that He blesses the people of Curahuasi with water, but even more with the living water who is His son!!


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