The School Keeps Improving

Thanks to the faithful leadership of the school, it keeps getting better and better. Allison and I tell anyone who cares that each year is a better year in how the school operates. We have good teachers and committed volunteers.  We just need more!  Here is the latest update from the Diospi Suyana Hospital webpage.

Is Diospi Suyana doing experiments?


Of course, in Chemistry and Physics

The Diospi Suyana-School offers the students in Curahuasi an infrastructure that is similar to those in Europe and the USA. One of the last missing details is the interior of our science department. We are hoping that the Chemistry and Physics rooms will be completed in 2 months. It is one thing to discuss experiments, but quite another to do them oneself. Today director Christian Bigalke is negotiating a special deal in Lima. We want to wish him Gods great blessing for this meeting.

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