Danny is a boy in Annie’s class.  He has been missing for the past couple weeks from Curahuasi. He is a good kid, and he is one of the scholarship kids from the school.  That means he is sponsored by Christians in Europe who pay for his schooling.  He comes from a very difficult home, having been abandoned by both of his parents, and he has been living with his grandmother.  Unfortunately his grandmother is physically abusive. A sad, but not uncommon story in Curahuasi. Danny has run away from his grandmother before, but he has never disappeared for this long.  We are worried about him. You cannot disappear in our town.  It is too small. Some suspect he has headed to Cuzco to look for his father.  Others think he is hiding out in some of the small communities outside of Curahuasi between here and Cuzco.  I think the worst rumor I have heard is that possibly his grandmother sold him to work in Lima.  This is one of the sad things that does happen in the poor areas of Peru. Parents or grandparents will take a sum of money and then send their kids to go work in Lima for a specified amount of time. Modern day slavery.  I hope that is not what it is, and I pray that we find him soon.  We want the empty seat in Annie’s class to have Danny in it again.

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