A Soft Touch

From the Diospi Suyana Hospital website.

A Human Encounter in the Operating Room

Dana-Henning-und-Kind-slider-900x551A moment in life – Captured by Dr. Achterberg

Operating rooms are frightening places, especially for children. A patient having to approximate the operating table is acquainted with the feeling of concern and uncertainty. The high-tech-machines  are intimidating. Everything seems so strange. A foreign environment accompanied by foreign sounds. The staff often acts under stressful conditions. The hospital (business) can become a soul-deprived factory. And then the uncertainty. Who can predict whether the procedure will turn out to be a routine case or a tragedy.

In the midst of this exception Dana Hennig smiles at a child. The atmosphere seems completely detached, almost surreal. The infantile cheeks mirror the anesthetic nurse’s/anesthetist’s friendliness and love. For a short while the very recent fear is forgotten. In a moment the surgery will begin. Lastly a tender hug, a fervent kiss and a final prayer.

Secure in God’s hand /KDJ

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