On a mission to encourage

OK. We’ve been in the States now almost a month and we’ve traveled about, seeing friends and family, we’ve eaten Mexican food, we’ve flushed our toilet paper, we’ve gone to church in English, we’ve hugged people we love. We drove through ten states over the last two weeks. I will ask Will to post some travel pictures and news.

As we go, I’ve been praying that we can be an encouragement to people we see. I’ve been wondering what we could say or do that would bless our supporters. I’ve been asking God to reveal something we’ve learned or gleaned that would help others love Him more. I have also listened as we have related things that are difficult, things that make us laugh, cultural things we don’t understand, things that have hurt our hearts. Will and I have discussed trying to be mostly positive when we are sharing about Peru. There are many amazing, beautiful things about Peru and our life there. But sometimes when we start talking about it some of the frustrations rise to the surface because they are somehow easier to describe. Maybe we are subconsciously trying to win sympathy, but I believe that one’s joys are more ephemeral while one’s complaints are easy to pin down.

The other day it occurred to me that the honest way we are opening our hearts and the desire we have to encourage our listeners could possibly go together. Here’s how: we are plodding on, by the grace of God. It is not very glamorous and we aren’t holding our breath for any missionary keynote speaker invitations, but maybe seeing sinful, broken, normal people persevering can be an encouragement. Hearing someone say, “It isn’t easy and simple, but we’re going back, counting on God to do something through us,” could help someone who is living their everydays here. May the strong name of Jesus be exalted in our weakness.

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Having fun with cousins!

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Visiting friends. Someone forgot our legs.

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Blown away! Colorado is awesome!

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Kansas Caires.

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3 thoughts on “On a mission to encourage

  1. Amen! We want to hear your hearts–the great things and the hard things–those are encouragements to us! We love you and are blessed by your authenticity!


  2. Hey Alison – we would still love to get an opportunity to see you guys while you’re here and we’re happy to do it with other people and host people for you, whatever would bless you guys. Let me know how that works best for you. Praying you get some good rest, refreshment, and enjoyment of family and friends while you guys are here!

    Suzanne Silva

    fivesilvas@gmail.com Sent from my iPhone



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